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Mindfulness in the Classroom – Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Institute

Sunnybrook 50 North Sunnybrook Rd, Pottstown

Creating mindful awareness in the classroom can be a smooth process without taking time away from academic instruction. Attendees will learn what mindfulness is, how to begin a mindfulness practice, and implementing practices with their students. We will discuss the neuroscience and research on mindfulness for adults and youth, as well as how to share practices with parents. Attendees will...


Camp Rainbow

Camp Rainbow Schwenksville

Setting Intentions
1. Creating a Manta (Smile, breathe and go slowly) (Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat).
2. Create a Ritual - What does your morning routine look like?
3. Meditate
4. Practice Gratitude - Gratitude Journal
5. What do you want from your day? - Trust the Process
6. GOALS! Focus on accomplishment, not perfection. MAKE YOUR BED!