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Planting seeds of happiness and peace within ourselves and our communities.

People Matter

We matter, our friends and family matter. Be present in this moment and you will find true happiness.

Meaningful Life

Using your signature strengths and virtues in the service of something much larger than you are.


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We offer workshops and in-service training's for school districts, teachers, and administration teams. We also provide workshops, weekly classes, and private in-home sessions for parents, kids, and athletes.


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Classes for children, teens, and adults exploring mindfulness practices.


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Professional development for school districts to begin implementing mindfulness in the classroom and school community.


Private In-Home Sessions for Families & Athletes

Is your family structure struggling? Is your child acting out? Maybe you are an athlete looking to enhance your game.

Mindfulness Enhances Your Life

Cultivating mindfulness is the process through which children and adults learn to become aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so we can interrupt stress cycles before they increase out of control. Mindfulness can help us find the space between the stimulus and the response, that brief moment where we need to make a responsible decision.


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I was finishing up my graduate work for my psychology program. I was working full...



You come across extremely sincere. Your life growth and practice is transparent and your passion shines through how you discuss mindfulness and your beliefs around it. You are supportive of where people are with no judgement that I could see.

Kenya K.

School Psychologist

Thank you again for a wonderfully well done and quite timely reminder of the merits of mindfulness! I have heard nothing but positives from staff – and most of the comments were completely non-solicited! A bunch of us are planning to create our own mindful jars!

Mary Pat L.

Elementary School Principal

Thank you Brian for a GREAT In-service! Finally after 14 years we get one that everyone enjoyed. Kudos to you!

Joanie W.

Para Professional

My son has had emotional difficulties since the age of 4. He was violent, to himself and others, he wouldn’t connect with anyone, he was defiant to authority. We were lucky to have Mr. Aikens. He was patient, yet firm, with my son. Both my son and I know how much time and effort Mr. Aikens gave to my son and we both know my son’s success would never have been accomplished without Brian Aikens.

Maggie R.


Thank you very much for providing us with today's in-service. It was the best in-service I have attended in a long time. I am definitely going to attempt doing the Mindfulness in my work day and at home.

Terri M.


Your presentation was amazing! I think more teachers could benefit from a retreat like this. You should share it with the district. We have so many behavioral issues in all schools now. Thanks again.

Emily P.

Para Professional