Mindful Parenting

Being present for ourselves and our family is vital for healthy growth. Children learn what they live. If you demonstrate patience, kindness, or happiness in front of your child, they will most likely practice the same thing. Conversely, if you yell when you are frustrated, your child will learn this is how we handle frustration. 

Whatever you do, take care of yourself. Find something that brings you joy & happiness everyday, make it a part of your daily culture. It can be meditation, walking, running, reading, yoga, bedtime reading with your kids, mindful breathing, swimming laps at the pool, etc. This will help calm your mind & bring awareness to your life. It can even be quietly sipping your coffee or tea in the morning while everyone is still sleeping. No, mindlessly scrolling social media does not count, it actually does the opposite to your mind.

Check out a mindful parenting interview I did with RCTV here

Brian Aikens


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